Securing Your Dream Property in Bali With Just a Passport

Buying property in Bali is now increasingly easier, especially for foreign citizens (WNA) because only with passport capital you can buy the property you dream of in Bali. The Indonesian government has issued several regulations that make property ownership easier for foreigners, The legal basis that permits this is: Government Regulation (PP) Number 18 of 2021 in Article 69 is writes that foreigners who can own a house or residence are those who have immigration documents by the provisions of the laws and regulations.

Documents Required to Own Property in Bali

Currently, if a foreigner wants to buy property in Indonesia in an illegal way, namely using a nominee scheme or borrowing the name of an Indonesian citizen, now the existing rules are clearer for foreign citizens (WNA), of course this does not violate the laws in force in Indonesia. The only document needed is a passport, you don’t need to have a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) / KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit Card) instead you will be able to have a limited/permanent stay permit by buying a house in Indonesia.

Favorite Areas for Buying Property in Indonesia

There are special regulations if you want to own property in Indonesia for foreign citizens to buy a house in Indonesia, the legal basis that applies is the decision of the Minister of ATR/Head of BPN Number 1241/SK-HK.02/IX/2022 concerning the Acquisition and Price of Residential Houses /Housing for Foreigners which regulates the minimum price limit for property ownership in several areas, on the other hand there is also a rule that the maximum ownership per family is not to have more than 2,000 square meters.

Minimum House Price Limits for Foreigners:

  1. DKI Jakarta IDR 5 billion
  2. Banten IDR 5 billion
  3. West Java IDR 5 billion
  4. Central Java IDR 5 billion
  5. East Java IDR 5 billion
  6. IN Yogyakarta IDR 5 billion Bali IDR 5 billion
  7. NTB IDR 3 billion
  8. North Sumatra IDR 2 billion
  9. East Kalimantan IDR 2 billion
  10. South Sulawesi IDR 2 billion
  11. Riau Islands IDR 2 billion
  12. Other regions/provinces IDR 1 billion

Minimum price limits for flats for foreigners:

  1. DKI Jakarta IDR 3 billion
  2. Banten IDR 2 billion
  3. West Java IDR 2 billion
  4. Central Java IDR 2 billion
  5. East Java IDR 2 billion
  6. Bali IDR 2 billion
  7. IN Yogyakarta IDR 2 billion
  8. Other regions/provinces IDR 1 billion.

Steps to Buying Property in Bali

  1. Buyers are looking for a house they want to buy, to find the best place to live you can contact us.
  2. After looking for the house you want to buy, prospective buyers contact the seller for purchases by signing a Sales and Purchase Agreement (PPJB). The signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) is carried out in the presence of the Land Deed Making Officer (PPAT)
  3. After that, pay Value Added Tax (VAT) and Land and Building Rights Acquisition Fee (BPHTB).
  4. The certification process will be carried out by a notary at the National Land Agency (BPN).
  5. To purchase a landed house, the ownership/building use rights certificate (HGB) must be changed to a use rights certificate. Meanwhile, for flats, the ownership certificate for the flat unit will be processed.


Congratulations, you have successfully purchased a property in Bali. If you want to consult about buying a house in Indonesia, especially Bali, which is an area that is famous for being a world paradise in tourism in Indonesia, suitable for you when you retire, you can consult with Nusa Aurum which residence is suitable for you.