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Born and raised in Indonesia, Rianne possesses an authentic connection with Indonesian culture and society. After completing high school, she moved to the Netherlands for her higher education. This journey led her to a successful career in the IT sector in the Netherlands. With her deep-rooted knowledge of Indonesian culture and an extensive network within the region, Rianne is an invaluable asset to anyone interested in investing in real estate in Indonesia, particularly in Bali. Her understanding of the unique business dynamics and cultural nuances between Indonesia and the Netherlands enables her to effectively navigate the diverse business landscapes of both countries.

Project Management

Rianne successfully manages multiple real estate projects in Bali from a distance. Her skills in handling real estate affairs remotely are unparalleled, offering valuable insights and strategies to investors looking for opportunities in Bali.


Her vision is to bridge the gap between investors from the Netherlands and Europe and the real estate market in Bali, leveraging her bicultural background and extensive experience in both IT and real estate sectors to facilitate successful investments.

Rianne invites anyone interested in investing in Bali to reach out for expert advice and guidance. With her unique combination of local knowledge and international experience, she is the ideal partner for your real estate investments in Indonesia.

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Expert insights into Bali's booming property market are explored by Rianne.

Featured in multiple LinkedIn articles, she provides strategic insights into navigating Bali’s property market, highlighting opportunities, legal aspects, and cultural nuances. Whether you’re starting out or expanding your portfolio, her advice will empower you to make well-informed decisions and maximize your investment returns. Learn to leverage Bali’s property potential effectively with guidance from a seasoned professional.

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