Our Team

Meet The Team

We pride ourselves on having a diverse and skilled team that brings a multidisciplinary approach to the property market. Each member plays a crucial role in delivering outstanding results and innovative solutions for our clients.


Owner Representative
As the Owner Representative, he serves as the main liaison between the property owner and project stakeholders.


Digital Marketing
With expertise in online advertising and social media strategies, our digital marketing specialist enhances the visibility of our properties, attracting both local and international investors.


Graphic Design
Our graphic designer creates visually appealing marketing materials and property visuals that capture the essence of Bali’s charm, making every presentation striking and effective.


Interior Design
With a keen eye for style and comfort, our interior designer decorates spaces that enhance the living experience, ensuring each property is both attractive and functional.


Central to our team, our architect designs functional and aesthetically pleasing properties that reflect Bali’s unique style and meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


Data Analyst
An expert in leveraging advanced analytics, our data analyst understands market trends and forecasts investment potentials, ensuring data-driven decisions that maximize returns.


He captures the unique beauty and details of each property with precision and artistry. Through his stunning photographs, he showcases the distinct features and ambiance of our listings, significantly enhancing their appeal to prospective buyers and renters.


Admin/Office Manager
She ensures smooth operations within the company, supporting the team in administration and client relations to maintain efficiency and service excellence.

Be part of our great team

We value innovation, commitment, and the professional growth of our team members. Dive into a role where your work makes a real impact and helps drive our success. We’re looking for passionate individuals ready to contribute to our ongoing achievements.