Multi currencies account

When earning money in Indonesia in Rupiah and sending it to the Netherlands in Euro, there are a few options to consider for managing the different currencies:

  1. Use a multi-currency bank account: Many banks, such as Bank Nisp, offer multi-currency bank accounts that allow you to hold multiple currencies in a single account. This can make it easy to manage your money and make transactions in different currencies.

  2. Use a foreign exchange service: You can use a foreign exchange service to convert your Rupiah to Euro before sending it to the Netherlands. These services typically offer competitive exchange rates, but they may also charge fees for the transaction.

  3. Use a money transfer service: There are many online money transfer services available that allow you to send money to the Netherlands in Euro. They may offer competitive exchange rates and low fees.

  4. Use a global wallet card: You can use a Global Wallet card from Bank Nisp which can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs or make purchases in Euro at merchants worldwide.